Meet the Team

God The Father (Abba), Jesus (Saviour) and Holy Spirit (Comforter)

Disciples of Jesus Christ
John & Angela (Angie) Edelmann (Directors of Heaven on Earth)

John and Angie Edelmann

John – Born in Canada and moving to Australia in 1993, John had a dream. In this dream he saw 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of people walking up this mountain oblivious to what was happening, as he was hovering over this he said to the Lord, what is this? He was brought closer to the mountain  and could see the top of it was open with a huge fire inside. People were falling in by the thousands the look of terror upon their faces as they were falling. John realised they were falling into hell. This dream shook John, two nights later the Holy Spirit woke John up and said, “I, Commission you to go to the Nations, Go to the Nations, preach. Save My people, Go Now!!!!!” Everywhere John goes he looks for the open door to minister the love of God. The Lord has used John in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and America, John has seen signs, wonders and miracles follow the preaching of the Gospel. He loves to exalt the name of Jesus. The Lord gave John the Ministry name of Kingdom Works International in the early 2000’s and he has been waiting for such a time as this to launch it, as John and Angie head to America. The Lord gave John a dream of North America burning for His glory and feel the Lord has said, they are to be there to reap a harvest of harvesters for this end time move of God. They are to Equip the saints for the work of the ministry, to wake the sleeping church. To release the gifts that are lying dormant for such a time as this, to activate the fulness of the call of God upon His people and release His glory upon the body of Christ, through the Holy Spirit. To see the body of Christ rise up into fulness of it’s destinies to reap that which He has written in each one of our books. John’s heart is to see the billion soul harvest and see the body of Christ be everything Jesus wants it to be, all to the glory of the Father. Kingdom Works International launched in 2018, praise the Lord.

Angie – Upon giving her life to the Jesus, Angie was totally transformed. What was, was no longer (it is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me). Upon this transformation Angie’s heart is for souls, it burns in her. Shortly after been saved, Angie started having vision’s and seeing into the supernatural realm, the Holy Spirit giving her clarity and understanding. Angie loves spending hours a day in the presence of the Lord, before her and John do anything, basking in His glory. Angie’s love for the Lord is only seconded by the love of the lost. Her heart is to go wherever the Lord sends her, to do His will and only his will. Angie has seen North America burning as well and her heart’s desire is to be right in the middle of the Fire. After Angie was saved, she was healed of 17 years of Meniere’s Disease once a debilitating disease which crippled her life, now free. Set free to worship, set free to praise, set free to share what Jesus has done for her. She gives all the glory to the Lord, Angie has totally surrender her life to have His life in her. To be used for His glory and to see the captives set free, to bring life to a dying world. Angie is so excited about North America, Indonesia and Kingdom Works International. She believes that John and herself were put together by the Lord for such a time as this. To reap the harvest that has been written in their books. Angie wakes up every morning with the anticipation of meeting with the Father (Abba) to sit in His presence, the Kabod glory, to worship, praise and wait upon Him for the days assignment (it always comes). North America will burn and Angie says, we will do our part.