John Edelmann –

“Originally from Canada, John traveled to Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and five sons, where he had a radical encounter with Jesus in 1993. An angry young man, John went from a history of abuse, drugs, and crime to a new life in Christ. He has traveled into six nations as an evangelist, and served as a leader in the church as well as in missions work and outreaches. Moving greatly in prophetic evangelism, he and his wife, Angie, live by faith. John has seen many lives come into God’s kingdom, transformed for His glory. The Lord has instructed them to go to North America for the next stage of their journey, and they are very excited to see what the Lord will do with them there. John believes that a life sold out to Jesus is the only life worth living: extreme living or nothing! What if we all surrender to His will?”


Still Standing – An Extreme Walk with Jesus Don’t Settle for Second Best